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Ms. Bonomo’s Beaming Career!

Alexis Long, Contributor
February 15, 2019

Ms. Bonomo is a 7th grade teacher at Sig Rogich Middle School. She is currently teaching writing, but...

Dulce Sanders, Contributor
February 15, 2019

Valeria Sherman is a 7th grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School who enjoys animals, friends, family, and life. Idols can be multiple things like people, objects, animals, and for Valeria, it’s...

Jazzy Jasmine

Olivia Rodriguez, Contributor
February 13, 2019

Jasmine Leftosky is a seventh grader here at Sig Rogich Middle School who has many interests and disinterests....

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D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Gifts
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Staff Profile
Sydney Dunn
Sydney Dunn


Sydney Dunn is a fascinating person! She has two wonderful sisters, two extraordinary parents, and one adorable dog. Sydney loves to play volleyball, play around, and be herself. She’s fun, crazy, an...

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