The New Rough Rider Basketball Season is Right Around the Corner!

Interviews with Mr. Domanico, Lillian Hickman, Natalie Furtado, Laith Quteifan, and Owen Mackay.

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Mr. Domanico is the head boy’s basketball coach for the 2017-2018 school year. However, he has been involved in basketball since he was in the 3rd grade! When I asked Mr. Domanico why he’s coaching intramurals he said, “Because I am the head basketball coach and I use intramurals to prepare the boys for tryouts for the school team and also I like to push these boys to help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.” To make sure that they can do this, Mr. Domanico makes the boys run 8 laps, about 2 miles, around the field at the beginning of each practice. If Mr. Domanico could coach any other sports club at Rogich, he would coach tennis club because he was a 3 time state champion at Bonanza High School and his sister is a tennis pro here in Las Vegas.


At Rogich, there are two basketball team, a girls team and a boys team. 6th grader, Lillian Hickman, is trying out for the girls basketball team because she really likes to be part of the school and sports. “I’ve been playing basketball since my 5th grade basketball league won our school championship,” says 7th grader Natalie Furtado. From boys basketball intramurals, 8th grader Laith Quteifan said that he not only plays basketball, but he plays football as well. 6th grader, Owen Mackay says that he has played on another basketball team called All Vegas. Owen and Laith are the two fastest kids trying out for the Rider basketball team in their grade. I had the best time interview and seeing all of our future Rough Rider basketball players!

Photo Credit: Quinn Fike

Natalie Furtado

Owen Mackay

Laith Quteifan

Lillian Hickman

Mr. Domanico