An Inside Peek on 6th Grader, Milla Santos

What life at Sig Rogich is like for a 6th grader.

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Milla Santos, 6th

Milla Santos, 6th grader, is loving Sig Rogich so far. Milla told me that on a scale from one to ten, she rated Rogich a ten out of ten. She made this decision because she says that it’s a good school and all of the teachers are really nice. When I asked Milla if Rogich was meeting all of her expectations, she said that they were actually exceeding them.  She says this because her 5th grade teacher told her a lot of bad things were going to happen here at Rogich, but none of them did. “Rogich has a lot more people that I never knew and I’m not afraid to go out and interact with people,” Milla says when I ask her, “How different is Rogich than your elementary school?”

When Milla is not at Rogich with her kind friends and amazing teachers, she is at the gym. Milla had been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old, so she has been doing it for almost four years.  She also has participated in many clubs here at Rogich. Milla used to do Baking Club, but since it was only two weeks per student, she is not doing that                                                                           anymore. Milla also plays tennis at Rogich every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Milla closing                                                                                         remarks are, “Rogich is an awesome school and even though a lot of my friends say it’s not that good,

Milla Santos, 6th

I really like it.”

Milla Santos, 6th