Excellent 8th Graders

Mia Hatfield, Contributor

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For this December issue, I have the opportunity to interview 8th grader, Shade B-Vallejo. I asked her a few questions about her life here at Rogich and her personal preferences. Shade has been attending Sig Rogich Middle School for all three years from 6th to 8th grade. Even though she has had many memories here at Rogich, she has not yet been able to pinpoint her favorite one. Her favorite subject in school is math, while her least favorite subject is health. She enjoys using the Chromebooks to help with learning because it is faster than writing on paper, but she thinks the Internet can be pretty terrible at times. During school, Shade also gets the opportunity to work as a student aide for Mrs. Leider. She really enjoys her elective, but soon she gets to choose a new one as high school is right around the corner. Shade states that she wishes to attend West Tech and study Biotech. As well as thinking about high school options, 8th graders also have to decide if they want to attend any of the 8th grade events like the dance and picnic. However, Shade has decided that she isn’t really interested in these events and doesn’t plan on attending.


In the future Shade sees herself as a lawyer but isn’t completely sure just yet. However, at the moment she enjoys playing soccer for fun. Overall Shade B-Vallejo is a great 8th grade student here at Rogich wishing to excel in the classroom and have an exceptional last year before she goes off to high school.

Shade B-Vallejo grinning after the interview.

Photo Credit: Arushi Chamaria