College playoffs

Alec Milton, Contributor

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For fans, college football is very competitive because you always want your college to win, either because you went to that college or your family member went or goes to that college.  A really fun and exciting thing that’s happening right now is the college playoffs, it’s where all the top teams compete against each other, the final two make it to the National Championship Game, in other words the Superbowl of college.

Out of all the teams that play in the NCAA only four teams are playing for the two spots in the National Championship Game. The four teams that will be playing for those spots are Clemson University, University of Oklahoma, University of Alabama and finally the University of Georgia. There are two Bowls that they need to make it to before they go to the championship is the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. These two Bowls decide who goes to the finals and this year, the National Championship Game will be held in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

When the final seconds run down, the teams that make the playoffs will have many stories to tell.  The losing teams could either choose to think about the accomplishment of being the top four teams in the NCAA. They’ll have the luxury of talking about success and failure.  Either way, a congratulations is in order for the winner. Making the playoffs is iconic. If all the teams played with heart and soul, that can inspire us to become champions of our own.

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