Featuring an 8th Grade Teacher!

An interview with 8th Grade teacher, Mrs. Heck

Mia Hatfield, Contributor

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     Mrs. Heck, the 8th grade teacher we all know and love, but how well do you really know her? Before teaching, she attended school to receive her degree. However, before she moved to Las Vegas she was substituting and teaching at a preschool, rather than the 8th grade teacher we know today. There wasn’t any other jobs she considered and always wanted to be a teacher. Even though she was eager to take on this career, she’s not completely sure what her inspiration to teach was, but she states, “Many of my family members were teachers so it may just be in my blood.” During school she has a bit of trouble with the Chromebooks and technology but she claims that she does try. She assigns minimal homework assignments to her students and believes that, “Homework is what you don’t finish in class. I don’t believe in giving assignments that are just to do at home.” After school, Mrs. Heck always tries to attend as many basketball games as she can and would always go to the big sporting events while she was in High School and college.


     Outside of school, she goes home to her three cats: Shaggy, Meeko, and Simba, and her two dogs: Chip and Axel. She also claims that, “All of my pets are rescues”.  As a child, she did enjoy going to school, but she did prefer her days off much more. When she did attend school, she played volleyball and she still absolutely loves sports.


     Mrs. Heck has many enjoyable moments here, but her most memorable moment here at Rogich was the day the school opened. She states, “It was exciting to see all the kids so excited to start at a new school for the first time and all the pride they had for their school.” Overall Mrs. Heck is a great teacher, and we really appreciate her assistance and the joy she brings to her students.


Ms. Heck, 8th grade science teacher smiles despite her noisy 5th period right behind her.

Photo Credit: Mia Hatfield