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Back to School in a New Year

Welcome Back!

Olivia Piere, Contributor

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  Coming back to school in the new year is great fun! Students return to school with a new year and New Year’s resolutions. School resumes, Monday, January 8th 2018. Everyone finally gets to relax from exams where we can put our focus back on school. There will only be two more quarters left, or in other words; there is just one semester to go. With the new semester, the grades from the first semester will reset. School is the time to put our minds to work and focus on what the new year’s gonna bring.

     School was created by a person named Horace Mann. He created the modern version of the school system. In 1837, Horace Mann became the Secretary of Education in Massachusetts. Horace had a vision to make a system for professional teachers. The teachers were planned to teach the students based on an organized curriculum.

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Olivia Piere, Contributor

Olivia Piere is an 8th grade student from Sig Rogich Middle School and is 13 years old. She has been in Publications for two years now. Olivia is a hardworking...

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Back to School in a New Year