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Moira Basiga, Contributor

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    Coming back into a brand new year with brand new ideas and artwork! Remember if you would like to submit any artwork email us at [email protected]. Now let’s see these amazing artwork made by 8th grade students for their Reading Quest project!

    These Reading Quest projects are made by students from Mrs. Lambeth’s Class.  The first picture showcases a homemade tiny barn with its traditional red and white colors. The second one is made by a student which shows a mini football field with the goal posts popping out of the grassy and green field. Finally, the last picture shows a traditional artwork, one which is hand drawn, which a student worked very hard to complete. This picture shows two people looking at each other or thinking about each other. These wonderful students worked very hard on their RQ projects and now get to be featured on Creative Corner. If you know who made these amazing creations, please comment below, so that they would be able to get credit on their pieces.

Photo Credit: Moira Basiga