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2018 Club Spotlight – Fantasy Sports

Macey Bolden, Contributor

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This issue, the club spotlight is going to be all about fantasy sports! Mr. Lutke advises the fantasy sports club for this year. Mr. Lutke also teaches 7th Grade English. “Fantasy Sports is an activity where people create teams of professional athletes to compete against other teams in statistical categories. The team that has accumulated the most points for the week wins,” said Mr. Lutke. Here is a little interview I did for Mr. Lutke and fantasy sports:

I also asked Mr. Lutke: Why did you decide to advise fantasy sports? “ It is a fun activity that millions of people do, and that ANYONE can do.” Mr. Lutke said that anyone can do it, meaning any student can participate in this activity that is eligible to.

Then I asked Mr. Lutke, did you do fantasy sports when you were a child? He said, “I started participating in fantasy sports about 10 years ago.” He was participating in fantasy sports when he was younger and that’s why he started advising fantasy sports this year.

I queried Mr. Lutke and said, How did you think of making this title? “Because I offer four different types of fantasy sports.” 

Was fantasy sports popular for you Mr. Lutke? “Fantasy Sports is very popular with my family and friends,” said Mr. Lutke.

I asked Mr. Lutke: Do you like advising fantasy sports this year? “Fantasy Sports is always an adventure.” If you join fantasy sports then you will enjoy it and think it’s an “adventure.” I also asked him:  are you going to advise fantasy sports next year? “I hope to continue fantasy sports next year.”



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2018 Club Spotlight – Fantasy Sports