Ocean Waves

Check out her pixel art in the link below.

Samantha Ganci, Contributor

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Happy New Year and welcome back to school. We have amazing artists here at school, and I have had the pleasure to post art made by these students. The artist that will be featured in this edition is Emma Cornia. I have interviewed her and this is her response…


What grade are you in?

I am in 8th grade


What was your inspiration for doing art?

“I don’t like drawing, but I like doing pixel art. I wanted to make a gif, and so I decided to do ocean waves.” says Emma


Do you picture yourself being a graphic designer when you are older?

No. I want to be a computer programmer.


When did you start creating designs?

I just started this school year, just for fun.


And finally….


What do you call your design?

I call it “Ocean Waves”


This is her Artwork…