Mrs. Dolan’s 6th Graders

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Mrs. Dolan, teacher by day and mom by night, is a 6th grade teacher and counselor here at Sig Rogich Middle School. She became a teacher because middle school was always really hard for her and she wants to help kids get through it and learn to enjoy school. Her favorite thing about teaching her 4th and 5th period ELA class is seeing her students gain confidence. A secret about Mrs. Dolan is that she has not taught 6th grade for all of her teaching career, in fact, this is her first year teaching 6th! Before, Mrs. Dolan taught 7th and 8th grade. However, Mrs. Dolan chose to teach and counsel here at Rogich because she says that it’s the best and her kids will go here in the future.  Mrs. Dolan’s student of the month was Jenny Cho because she is always on task and makes a 110% effort to get all of her work done and turned in. In her free time, Mrs. Dolan likes to shop and hang out with her kids. In conclusion, Mrs. Dolan is one of Rogich’s best teachers and one of the world’s best moms.


In Mrs. Dolans 4th and 5th period class, some of her students include Meredith Yacoben, Richard Roefaro, Joelle Sinag, Zoe Parker, and John Sunstrum. When I asked Joelle Sinag what her favorite part about Rogich was she said, “The teachers because they are really nice and helpful.” Richard Roefaro’s favorite subject is Math because he is good at it and he says that it’s really fun.  “I like it because Rogich gives you an education and the teachers are willing to help people that struggle,” is what Meredith Yacoben said when I asked her how she liked Rogich so far this year.  If Zoe Parker could change one thing about Rogich it would be how much time students got in the hallways during passing period. John Sunstrum chose All-Stars as his elective because he wants to know how to be a better leader.  All of these five students are fantastic students in Mrs. Dolans class, as are all of her other students!


Photo Credit: Quinn Fike

John Sunstrum, 6

Richard Roefaro, 6

Meredith Yacoben, 6

Zoe Parker, 6

Mrs. Dolan, 6th grade teacher and counselor

Richard Roefaro, Meredith Yacoben, Zoe Parker, and John Sunstrum all line up for a picture