Valantine’s Day Cards!

The History, and The meaning.

Maliyah Masterson, Contributor

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Photo Credit: Caption: An example of a standard Valentine’s Card

           Ever wondered how that little tradition in elementary school ever started? Having to go out and get these little Valentines Day cards for the rest of your classmates, writing their names on them and then handing out the next day in class. It was always fun, and most people would get a sugar rush from all of the candy.  Let’s go back to the time of the Ancient Romans. Between the days of February 13-15 there was a festival held during this time. The a Pope by the name of Pope Gelasius, made a slight change to the festival dates. He decided to make the festival only one day, and that one day was February 14th, of course. Not only did he change the date, but also the name instead of the name, “Feast of Lupercalia” now it shall be called, “ Valentine’s Day”.

Now the popularity of giving out Valentines Day card was set to be sent out in the 1800’s. The cards were meant to be signs of little romantic efforts, sent to one another. Some would have gifts along with the card, puzzles, and of course there would be poetry. The gifts that were often sent with these gifts were flowers, and these cards were often handmade. Not only were these cards specially made, but they were also specially sent by either slipping the note under a door, or tied to the door. These are nice romantic gestures and all, but let’s go back to the first Valentines Card ever given. In 1415 a poem that was written in French given to his wife, from when he was locked in The Tower of London. This man was Charles Duke of Orleans, this is the oldest known Valentine, known to man. There is the history of Valentines in a nutshell, and don’t forget to give one out this year as well, it can even be as simple as saying “Happy Valentines Day!”.