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Chinese New Year 2018

Paige Kuwata, Contributor

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Chinese New Year 2018

The Chinese New Year is approaching and it’s time to learn some new facts that you probably never knew about the Chinese culture and how they celebrate the new year! This year the Chinese New Year takes place on Feb. 16 on a Friday and 2018 is the “Year of the Dog” as represented in the Chinese Zodiac. Some famous celebrities that were born during the “Year of the Dog” are Mariah Carey (1970), Michael Jackson (1958), Ellen DeGeneres (1958), and Madonna (1958) just to name a few.

When the Chinese Zodiac was created, the dog finished after the rooster and before the pig. The lucky number that are associated with the dog are 3, 4, and 9. Also, along with having lucky numbers, the dog has lucky colors are well, they include: red, green, and purple. The dog has different types that are represented by certain elements such as the Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Gold Dog, and Water Dog. 2018 is represented by the Earth Dog which means people born in 1958 and 2018 are generally communicative, serious, and responsible while working. The “Year of the Dog” is great because people born during one of these years are usually resistant to catching illnesses, have good health, and they are generally physically and mentally healthy.

Other facts you may not know about the Chinese New Year traditions are:

  • The time of the festival changes each year
  • It is also known as the Spring Festival
  • The Chinese New Year celebration lasts 15 whole days until the Lantern Festival
  • One sixth of the people in the entire world celebrate this event
  • The date changes of the festival based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar
  • The dinner celebrates reunion and it’s a Chinese New Year ritual

If you happen to know somebody that was born during a “Year of the Dog” see if any of these facts represent them and their personality. So, to all that celebrate this event, Happy Chinese New Year!


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Chinese New Year 2018