2018 Student Spotlight

Macey Bolden, Contributor

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For Feburary 2018 student spotlight, I am going to interview a student from Mrs. Lambeth´s accelerated 5th period class. The student I am going to interview has to be focused on her education and has good grades overall. I interview students who are very serious about their education at Sig Rogich Middle School. Sydney Bolden has great grades overall in quarter 3 at Sig Rogich Middle School.

What is your favorite subject for 8th grade at Sig Rogich Middle School and why? ¨ELA is my favorite subject because it increases my vocabulary when I am talking to others.¨

Is accelerated ELA challenging for you why or why not? ¨ Yes because there is more homework and essentials I need to know.¨ Sydney is very proud that she made it into Mrs. Lambeth´s accelerated class this year in 8th grade.

Do you think your teachers for your classes are helpful? ¨Yes because then I get a better understanding of what I need to be doing for my assignments.¨

Do you think our school is a safe building to learn academics why or why not? ¨Yes because it is protecting all students and we get to have a good education.¨

Do you like all of your classes this year? ¨Yes, my classes are very useful to me.¨

Do you feel yourself changing over the years at Sig Rogich? ¨Yes, I am now in 8th grade (last year at Sig Rogich) and I am very proud to finish my year strong.¨

Are you excited for quarter 4 at Sig Rogich? ¨Yes because then it will be a new year for me to be in 9th grade as a freshman after summer break!¨

I decided to interview my twin sister, Sydney because she is very focused on her education. Sydney is very honored to be at Sig Rogich Middle School.






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2018 Student Spotlight