Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

The recycling club lets us know how important recycling really is!

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Mr. Peck and Mrs. Canfield are two U.S History and Geography teachers who also advise the Recycling Club! This is a club that meets every Thursday afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:00pm. Mr. Peck decided to advise this helpful club because he wants to help save the world for his kid’s generation. Mrs. Canfield started advising this club because she also wants to help save the Earth.

If Mr. Peck could advise a different club, he would advise Baking Club. While advising Baking Club, he would be sure to let all of the participants know how important it is to eat healthy. Mrs. Canfield, however, would make her own club. She would be the creator of the Kickball Club. Mrs. Canfield would make this club an option for the students of Sig Rogich Middle School because she loves sports.

Overall, both of these teachers are amazing at their job, and great at influencing students to make the world a better place.

The inspired kids in this club are definitely going places! Take for example Hailey Kwon, she is so involved that not only is she in Recycling Club, but she is in Baking Club and NJHS as well! Chiara Baez, a 7th grader, joined this club on just the fact that she wants to keep her special school clean. Kritima Amornsrisuk has been in this club for only a month, but she is really enjoying it and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her in this club! Hannah Cortardi would love to stay in this club for the rest of the year because she likes recycling it makes her feel bad when she sees others or herself not recycle.

In conclusion, lots of wonderful kids are in this club, and every single one of them love it!

Kritima Amornsrisukk, 7 Hailey Kwon, 7 Hannah Cortardi, 7 Chiara Baez, 7

Mrs. Canfield, Geography and History Teacher

Mr. Peck, Geography and History Teacher

Hailey Kwon, Chiara Baez, Kritima Amornsrisuk, Sean Pak, Marcus Rhee, Isaac Orenday