Spring Forward!

Are you ready for the change?

Paige Kuwata, Contributor

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As Spring time approaches, which means the time change we know as Spring forward. On March 11, 2018, the time will change very early in the morning, 2:00am to be exact. This is a friendly reminder to everybody because this might cause confusion because of the different times so don’t forget to change the times on your clock. This will leave all students with one less hour of sleep.

Some states don’t participate in the time change such as Hawaii and Arizona. The reason we participate in the time change is because of long sunlight hours in the Summer and for farming certain crops. This is why the Summer sun stays out longer than it does during any of the seasons. Daylight savings time is observed 34 weeks or about 65% of the year.

The first time daylight savings time was used throughout most of the nation, was during 1918 when the Ohio clock in the nation’s capital time was changed. Another reason why daylight savings time was used is because during World War I, the pushing of the sunrise and sunset lead for more productive uses of daylight.

After all of the facts about how the time change can help people, a study shows that the change can disrupt your body’s “clock” and this results in an increased risk for heart attacks, car crashes, and problems sleeping. For farmers, daylight savings time isn’t a friend because it’s hard for them to find the correct time to milk their cows.

But what do the people of America think about the time changes? A survey concluded that around 37% of people think there is a point to following daylight savings time. After all of the facts I have provided you today about spring forward, are you for or against the time change?

Photo Credit: www.pexels.com