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World Water Day!

Kaitlyn Mitchell, Contributor

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World Water Day is a day celebrated each year on March 22 and started in 1993. This day focuses on water cleanliness around the world for developing countries. Today 2.1 billion people live in danger of dirty water which can cause illness or even death.

There are different organizations around the world that travel to parts of Asia and Africa and build wells for villages to assist in the day to day needs of water. This holiday is an international holiday so most people around the world knows about how important water is to those that don’t have clean water every day.

This day is also to inspire kids to help those in need of clean water. In the book “A Long Walk to Water”,  shows how the people in Sudan don’t have clean water.

PC:  https://www.uiwater.com/kentucky

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Kaitlyn Mitchell, Contributor
Kaitlyn is a 7th grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School. She is currently in NJHS and hopes to stay there. She enjoys school and is in a few clubs too. She is in every accelerated subject except for Science. She is also currently in Publications and loves it, it’s her favorite class! Outside of school, she has...
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World Water Day!