Marie Bracquemond

Samantha Ganci, Contributor

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Marie Bracquemond is a French artist who was born on December 1, 1840 and died on January 17, 1916. Marie based some of her paintings off of Impressionism in the early 1900’s. In her early life she would paint women, men, and children on terraces or in gardens. One of her most famous paintings was Sur la terrasse à Sèvres.

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This painting was created in 1880 using oil and acrylic paints. Marie Bracquemond was married to Felix Bracquemond who respected his wife’s talent and supported her. Before she married her name was Marie Anne Caroline Quivoron. Marie was born into an unhappy arranged marriage and when she had gotten older she found happiness in drawing. After marring Felix they had a son Pierre in 1870, but soon after Marie got critically ill; however she did get better only to get sick again and die in 1916.

Then she died of a mysterious illness when she was 75. Her artwork has been featured in many museums and is sold to many of different websites, but the ones of her family and her most famous ones still belong to her family.