Brianna Murphy

We take a look on what life is like for 7th grader, Brianna Murphy

Quinn Fike, Contributor

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Meet Brianna Murphy, a 7th grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School. She has attended Rogich for two years and she loves it because she thinks that all the teachers are very caring about her and all the rest of the students.

Brianna enjoys her classes because she loves learning something new each period. She thinks that Math is the most useful subject because it will help her later in life. Unlike math, she dislikes Science class because she says it can be very confusing at times.

If she could change one this about Rogich she would change the no phone rule so she could contact her parents at any time and not feel like she would get in trouble. One thing that she loves about Rogich is that they give the students a long lunch period. Overall, she is a great student and loves her school!

Even though Brianna is really busy with her school work, she still has time to do what she loves. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family and friends, that is if she is not busy playing softball with her team.

In the future, she would like go to UCLA and become a nurse. She wants to be a nurse so she can help people in need. Her two favorite things in the world are her two dogs, Sadie and Smooches. Brianna also has an older brother named William, who is 23.

In conclusion, Brianna is a very well-rounded, caring person, that would do anything for the people that she cares about.