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March 2018 Class Spotlight

Macey Bolden, Contributor

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This month’s class spotlight features science teacher, Mrs. Bole who teaches 8th grade students at Sig Rogich Middle School.

I asked Mrs. Bole is what kinds of assignments do you and your students do? She answered: “We usually investigate scientific concepts.”

Have your students done the science instrument projects? “Yes, my students did do the instrument projects. Sadly, I had to miss school during that project but I could see by my students’ presentations that they learned a lot about sound because of that project.”

I asked was are your students understanding the topics you are giving them as a teacher? “My students typically do understand our topics. I strive to find the kids who are struggling and help them figure it out!”

How do you think your 8th grade students are doing this year? “My students are doing well this year. The way we teach science is changing and that definitely shows in how much my kids are learning.”

What made you interested in teaching science? “When I was in a geography class in college I noticed I was the only one who totally loved learning about the Earth. Everybody else was pretty bored but I couldn’t get enough of geography learning.”

Are the assignments you give your students worth it as a science teacher? “Yes. Our assignments are meaningful and help my kids make sense of the world around them. Our assignments help our kids get involved with learning and investigating much better than daily lectures.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Bole loves teaching 8th grade science and will be looking forward teaching science next year. She loves her students as her own kids and is very thankful to have great students who are interested about Science and investigating concepts to understand the topics her students learn over the years.

Picture Credit: Arushi Chamaria

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March 2018 Class Spotlight