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8th Grade Disneyland Trip

8th grade Disneyland Trip is coming closer.

Olivia Piere, Contributor

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    Disneyland is coming up for the 8th graders. This trip is a great experience to spend time with friends and have a great time for our last year at Sig Rogich Middle School. The 8th grade Disneyland trip is for the fine arts and for 8th graders to go to Disneyland. For the Fine Arts trip they leave to go to Disneyland on Friday, April 20th, 2018.  For the fine arts trip, the people who are apart of Choir, Band, and Orchestra get to have two days at Disneyland.

    If you are not in the fine arts, you can still get to go to Disneyland. The 8th grade trip is on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.  The trip does have a certain rules that you have to follow to get to go. The 8th grade trip costs $270.00 and there will be a meeting to further discuss the trip on April 5th, 2018.

    Disneyland was created on July 21, 1954. The amusement park was built because Walt Disney wanted a place for family or friends to have a memorable time together. Each section in Disneyland has a certain meaning to why Walt Disney came up with the names. During the construction of Disneyland, Walt Disney made sure there was great detail on the rides and scenery. Disneyland is a great and enjoyable place to visit.  It ensures you have a great time that you will remember for a long time.





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Olivia Piere, Contributor

Olivia Piere is an 8th grade student from Sig Rogich Middle School and is 13 years old. She has been in Publications for two years now. Olivia is a hardworking student and tries her best to get good grades in school.  Outside of school you would see Olivia hanging out with her friends on the weekend or staying at home. Olivia was born and raised in Las Vegas.

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8th Grade Disneyland Trip