USA Cheer

2020 Winter Olympics??

Lexi Hall, Contributor

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As the Winter Olympics swug right past us, you may have missed a couple things. Throughout the winter games during 2018, USA cheer made an appearance in between certain events as a performance.  At the closing ceremony, they made one last appearance. The national Olympic committee has officially stated that cheerleading is now an olympic sport. But this does not necessarily mean it will appear in the 2020 summer Olympics.  The cheerleading committee was granted 25,000 from the ICU for funding.


As many people think cheer is not a sport, it most certainly is.  Cheerleading isn’t just cheering and waving at the sidelines of a football game. Imagine coming onto the floor cheering on hoping everyone will like your performance.  As you scream your cheer, you keep a smile on your face knowing that you have to be confident to win. As you hear the crowd yell back to you, you know that you have their attention.  Then, you hear your opening music, all of these repeated eight-counts going through your head like a ticking time bomb. You have all these thoughts going through your head as you are remembering your choreography. You throw some stunts in the air, hoping the flyer does their job to stay tight. Knowing that the flyer’s slightest bobble will decrease your chance of winning.  Then, when it comes to the tumbling, it is all up to you. You jump, set, pull, and stick it! As you continue through the routine you start to get less worried. When jumps come around you jump as high as you can just to hit a certain point where it is perfect. You move onto the pyramid and make sure that everyone stays in the air. You can’t risk getting any deductions. As you finish off your routine with some sass, you make sure to dance your butt off so you can make a scene!


Studies have shown that doing a full-out 2 minute and 30 second routine can be one of the most exhausting things. Trying to fit all those counts into a couple minutes can be tough.  But they somehow get through it. They work and train until they cant. They build up their stamina and condition just to get stronger. So next time you look at the cheerleaders on the sidelines, maybe you should really think what is behind those big smiles and shiny uniforms. You might see something different.