The sunset for memories

Samantha Ganci, Contributor

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POEM- The Sunset for Memories


The sand, the water, and the sky is all clear to me

There is adventure waiting

The calm beat of the waves crashing against the shore takes away all the worries in the world

To watch the waves feels like there is more beyond the horizon

The ocean cries “Reach and see how far you’ll go”

Are the cries in my head or real

Surfing brings back memories

A time in the long distant past with the friends on the Malibu shore

Oh to be the surfer in the curl of a wave

It stayed like this for many years until I mustered up the courage to to surf  

Getting up onto the board was bone tingling

The wind rippling through my hair and the feeling of flying on water was exhilarating

Even after I moved I carried on the love of surfing in my heart and always will

Remembering the times of sitting on the sand having a good laugh with my friends

To not be confined by the walls of fear, but instead run free and follow the beat of our own drums

On the set of our last sun together we promised each other that we would follow our hearts and march to the beat of our own drum

I will always be with them whenever they are out on the waves

To this day I still honor my word and that is what I will do for the rest of my life

Be it the waves or the sand, going to the beat of the drum or confined by the walls we are friends forever

I follow the tide because it leads me to the next adventure ahead

I remember all of this day by day and when I sit on the beach near my old home I picture the sunset with my friends and  remember the good times we had.

For every sunset comes the end of a memory, but the promise of an amazing sunrise.