Nevada Day

What actually is Nevada Day?

Elizabeth Christ, Contributor

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Nevada’s flag in the shape of Nevada.

Nevada Day

Nevada Day is on October 26 this year. We all know that we don’t have to go to school or go to work and that makes all of us delighted, but what do we actually know about the history of Nevada?

Nevada became a state on October 31, 1864. Nevada is the 7th largest state in the U.S. Nevada is unique because there are not that many cities. The capital of Nevada is Carson City, but Las Vegas is the first city that comes to mind. Nevada is also known because gambling is legal. These are all super astonishing things about Nevada, but there is still how Nevada was born.

Before Nevada became a state it was part of the Utah Territory. Nevada was found by Comstock Lode in 1859. Nevada got its name in 1861 from the Spanish language meaning “snow-covered.” Nevada has produced many helpful needs like gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, mercury, barite, tungsten and oil. Nevada’s state animal is the Desert Big Horned Sheep. Nevada also has stunning colors which are silver and blue. A few of Nevada’s nicknames are the “silver state” and “battle born state.” Nevada’s majestic bird is the Mountain Bluebird. So in the end, everybody who lives in Nevada is really lucky because it is a great state.