Crazy for Creative Writing Club

See what Creative Writing Club has for its members

Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

       It’s that time of year again when students get to experience a club of their liking. One of the many clubs that Rogich offers is the Creative Writing Club. Creative Writing Cub is when you can go after school to Mrs. Mcleish’s room and express themselves in writing by making unique stories you aren’t able to write in English class. Whether it be comedy or science fiction, you can write anything that you want with friends by your side.

       Gwen, Miles, and Anastasia are Rough Riders that attend Creative Writing Club. Why did these talented writers join this club in the first place? “I am funny and I like to express that in writing” said Miles, a 7th grader. Anastasia is also a 7th grader and joined this exciting club because she was inspired by a figure in her life. “My dad is a writer”, and “I want to write horror stories” said Anastasia. Her dad writes Hollywood scripts, so she wants to live up to him. Gwen is in 6th grade so it is her first year at Sig Rogich. “I like writing fantasies” she stated. It was her first time in the club and she joined because she loves writing.

Creative writing club gives you the opportunity to write about what you want. Miles writes crazy things that no one would think of such as talking elephants that solve crime together. Anastasia writes stories that people just can’t wait to see what happens next. Gwen shows mystical stories that will leave a reader breathless with amazement. Everyone in Creative Writing Club laughs and giggles sharing their work with others. This club allows students to share creative stories with their friends. Creative Writing Club is a magnificent time when anyone can sit to write, share and laugh with all of your friends.  

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