NFL Opening Week

Interview with Mya Bartlett

Gabriel Mendoza, Contributor

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Mya posing for a perfect picture of her

             What is NFL opening week? The opening day for NFL (National Football League) is the day where teams have their first games of the season. This year is the 99th season of the NFL which means the NFL has been a professional team for 99 seasons of football. The NFL’s opening day was on September 6, 2018.


               I had the opportunity to interview Mya Bartlett who is in 6th grade. I asked her a few questions and these are her answers.

Do you watch Football on a regular basis?

            No. I like football but is not a sport I like to watch all the time.

What is your favorite team?

            I would have to say the Rams or the Packers.

When the Raiders come to Vegas, are you going to become a fan?

           Most likely. I’m a fan or the Packers and the Rams because that’s where my family comes from. If there is going               to be a team where I’m from, I’m most likely going to be a fan.

Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?

            I need to say Aaron Rodgers because he is a really good quarterback and he is on one of my favorite teams.

Are you excited for the raiders to come to Vegas? Why?  

            Yes because it’s a new sport for Vegas.

What is one thing you know about football?

          A touchdown is 6 points.

Do you play football?

          No I play softball and I figure skate.


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