What Is Halloween Really For?

Halloween with Diamond Hunter.

Hannah Gutierrez, Contributor

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Halloween is a fun holiday to dress up and get lots of free candy, but what is it really for? Not many people know why we celebrate this holiday. I interviewed Diamond Hunter, a 7th grader at Sig Rogich Middle School, to see if she knew why we celebrate Halloween. First I asked her how she thought Halloween all started. She said, “It’s like the day of the dead, when the people die and go to the colorful land of the dead.” Well not quite. It actually all started when the Celts thought the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts got really thin. The Celts had a big party to scare away the ghosts and spirits. The day became All Hallows’ Eve.

     I also asked Diamond where she thought the idea of Jack O’ Lanterns came from. She responded with, “Maybe someone was an artist and wanted to make a pumpkin a masterpiece.” Jack O’ Lanterns actually originated from an Irish myth about a man named “Stingy Jack”. The story said that Jack invited the Devil for a drink and Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink, so he convinced the Devil to turn into a coin. Soon after he put the coin in his pocket near a silver cross, where he could not transform back to his original form unless the Devil promised to not bother Jack for one year. Later on Jack tricked the Devil again by convincing the devil to climb a tree for fruit, while the Devil climbed the tree Jack carved a cross into the tree. He could not get down until the Devil promised to not bother him for ten more years.

To get to know a little more about Diamond, I asked her what her favorite part about Halloween was. She surprised me with her answer. She said, “I like to go to hospitals and give out candy to make people happy.” So, Halloween isn’t just for candy, it’s for keeping our world and the world of ghost in balance with the help of the Jack O’ Lantern’s story. It’s also a good day to surprise people who are sick with candy according to Diamond.


Photo Credits: Gianna Vara and https://www.pexels.com/search/halloween/