RMS Student, Kailey Quinto

Kailey, a 7th grader at Rogich Middle School

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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Kailey Quinto is a student at Rogich Middle School who you may have seen passing by in the hallways, but how well do you really know her? When she gets older she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a paramedic because she wants to become as successful as her mom. Her favorite movie is “The Kissing Booth”, which one can find on Netflix. Further into the interview, I asked her “What is your favorite thing about Rogich?” Kailey responded by saying “Friends, teachers, and the time period of school.” Not only that, but she also loves the subject choir and has been participating in choir since 6th grade.

What are idols? Idols can be a specific person that you look up to, like a role model, and for her, the special person is her brother. He has always stood up for her and, as she says, “has always loved me for who I am.” Music is one thing she adores and the song ‘Moonlight’ by Xxxtentacion is her favorite song to play over and over without getting tired of hearing this great song. She loves the television show Riverdale, which stars her favorite actor, Cole Sprouse, who is very popular to the community.