Alicia Bonar: An Amazing Artist

An interview of Alicia Bonar and her artistic abilities

Gianna Vara, Contributor

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       I had the opportunity to interview an art student, Alicia Bonar, and learn about her talent for art. Alicia is an eighth grade student, and chose art as her elective this year at Rogich.

To begin the interview, I met with Alicia in the art room and started by asking her, why did you start doing art? She said, “I did not have the opportunity to join art at my last school and I really wanted to learn more about art.’’ I then learned why she enjoys art and what inspired her to do it. When I asked her the question she told me, “ My grandma did a lot of art and that made me want to start doing it.’’

Alicia has been creating her magical pieces of art for long time now. She started when she was just two years old and she is most interested in watercolor paintings and pencil sketches. Then I wanted to know which of her art creations that she has done were her favorite. Then she responded saying, “My favorite piece of art I have done was a pencil sketch of a hummingbird in my sketchbook.” She then told me that her favorite lesson she has learned in art was a shading lesson. The reason she replied with this answer is because it really helped her learn how to shade better. Then I was curious if she had gotten better in art since she had started taking Ms. Ririe’s art class, and she said, “Yes I have improved in art a lot and art has helped me with my shading and composition.”

Last but certainly not least, I asked her if she was going to continue her passion of art in the future and she responded with “Of course I am!”

Finally, Alicia has done art for a long time and will continue her passion of this hobby throughout the years to come.