Get A Scare With This List

As Halloween is coming closer this is where to go to get a really good scare.

Katie Kar, Contributor

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It’s almost Halloween and the scares are about to ignite! If you’re looking for a fright, then this is for you. People around Halloween are always in the mood for a bit of a scare fest. These are the best places in all of  Nevada to get a bit of a spooky nightmare. These haunted houses are perfect for family, and friends, or even a first date, just kidding. Kids or people have their own opinions on haunted houses. Samantha ” Sam” Ganci, an 8th grader at Sig Rogich middle school, said that haunted houses “can be scary and fun, it also sparks adrenaline.”  Sam also said her favorite haunted house was in her elementary school which did a annual haunted house. “ I loved scaring the teachers” Sam said as we asked her what her favorite haunted house was.

  1.  On the top of the Halloween chart toppers with a five star rating is the “ Lost Games Escape Rooms”. How this Haunted house works is people are put into a insane asylum and only have one hour to escape. In the beginning people are told that they have been poisoned but, with one hour on the clock to be able to find the cure. This is truly one for the logical people in your family, it’s also a thriller. So don’t forget to make a reservation before the excitement begins.


2. Number two with a four point five rating is the “Fright Dome” which should be as scary as it may sound. The Fright Dome is the Halloween themed

version of the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. Sadly for people who were planning on going to the Fright Dome this year, might have to reign check. In 2018, the Fright Dome will not be coming to Las Vegas. In an Article by Katherine Jarvis she states “Egan Productions, which owns Fright Dome, told 13 Action News that Circus Circus informed them that it will not be moving forward with the event this season”. There it is folks sadly the Fright Dome may not be coming to Las Vegas for a while.


  1. At the number three spot is the “Bonnie Springs Ranch” with a four point four rating. People gather around to paintball zombies and get the living daylights scared out of them. If a child wishes to go they must be accompanied by an adult unless you are over 15. Before people are allowed in though they must have purchased tickets. The dates are all in October so mark the calendar. Bonnie Screams is opened October 4, 7, 11, 14, 18 and also the 31st to the public. Go to to learn more about the events that happen in Bonnie Screams.


  1. In the fourth chart topper is tied up with “Bonnie Screams”. With a four point four rating there is the “Asylum-hotel Fear Haunted House”. Even though it may not sound scary, it surely is. To get only one haunted house for the cheapest it’s $15. For both 
  2. of the houses and the pre-season package altogether the price is $25. For people with an October birthday, consider getting the V.I.P tickets which range from 20 to 35 dollars in price for pre-season tickets. 


  1. The final Haunted house that came in fifth is “ Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror”. With a four point three rating. The freakling brothers has been in business since 1976, and has been in business for 30 years. No one under 17 in allowed to enter certain houses. The youngest anyone is allowed into the haunted house is 12 years of age, but only with restrictions to certain houses that would give them a fright that might kill them (just joking). Sadly when people aren’t able to go to their haunted house of choice they fake their age. Some haunted houses have were they have to see I.D. at the entrance.


A honorable mention is the the Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum. This museum has cursed items that really are cursed. Before anyone enters the museum there is a waiver that everyone that must sign. Anyone who thinks about entering the museum, people are required to show I.D. at the entrance.  Also anyone who enters the museum must be 16 years old or older in order to enter. In one account a person went to the museum and the person they went with, felt sick afterwards and then slept for 18 hours straight. Coincidence I thinks not. These are the best Haunted Houses in all of Nevada. All photos thanks to  a website with non copyright photos free to use.

Katie K. a 7th grader