Crochet Club

Learn how to make fun gifts for friends and family.


Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

    Want to learn how to make cool hats, gloves, and scarves? Join the fun and creative crochet club where students are learning how to make cool and creative gifts. Mrs. Sugameli will show step by step how you make these gifts for family and friends. This club is new to Sig Rogich, leaving many students not really knowing what they have to do in the club. On Thursday, you will be easily instructed through a fun project that students can bring home. All that is needed to start is a few hooks and yarn. Having this peaceful club after school gives students the opportunity to calm down and crochet. The people at this wonderful club help everyone all the time. If someone falls behind on the work that must be completed everyone pitches in a little bit of their artistic skill and helps them out.

      Jenny Cho (7th) and Emma Rampoldi (6th) are two bright students that go to crochet club after school on Thursday. They both joined the club for different reasons. “I thought it would be a good new hobby and I would make new friends”, said Jenny. Emma said, “I used to make rubber band creations and I thought it would be cool to learn how to crochet.” If they could make anything out of crochet what would these two girls make? Jenny explained, “I would want to make mittens because it is getting close to winter.” Emma exclaimed, “I would want to make a sloth hat because it is my favorite animal.” Right now they are making a fun turkey hat for up and coming Thanksgiving. Every project that they make in crochet club comes from the heart.

      Crochet club is new this year but will not be forgotten for the next. Would Jenny and Emma recommend this club for other students to try at Sig Rogich? “Yes!” they said with excitement. Crochet club will have kids learning new skills and will create a new fun hobby that students can teach others. To conclude, the crochet club is a fun club where students will laugh with friends and enjoy the peaceful environment that crochet brings.


Photo Credit: Anna Rampoldi

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