CANCER! Raise Awareness

This is the month to raise awarness

Katie Kar, Contributor

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One of the worst fears in the world is cancer. People throughout the years  have been diagnosed with this incurable disease, but over time doctors have found ways to destroy it in its tracks. Though there is no true cure there is still reasons to raise awareness. Cancer has affected many kids and adults , loved one’s lost and many unable to cope. November is the month to support and raise awareness about this captive problem.

When it comes to cancer there are a few different ways to treating it.  For some forms of cancer different amounts of chemotherapy will be used. Some nurses or doctors decide to use radiation treatment instead of chemo treatment which can have side effects. Cancer has had its effects on the body which are not healthy. When it comes to cancer awareness people often don’t know why we raise awareness, they think it’s just  because it’s just something that kills people.

     When people have family that have gone through cancer or are going through it there is some ways to cope. When asked what her biggest struggle was Alexis Long said her family’s biggest struggle was, “ visiting my grandfather because we knew he was always in pain.” This is one of the struggles that many families go through yearly when someone they love has cancer.

When it comes to treating the disease there are different ways to know what treatment is best for that patient. Ms. Elizabeth “Liz” ( she asked not to have her last name put in)  who is a nurse at Summerlin, Mountain View, and Southern Hills Hospitals. She talked about what the treatment options were. “There are many ways to treat cancer, there is high chemo treatments,  low chemo treatments, radiation therapy, and chemo pills that are another option.”

When Ms. Liz was asked what was the worst type of cancer she had seen she though and just said “ I can’t say names or any other details because of privacy laws, but patients diagnosed with “metastatic” ( which is a cancer that spreads throughout a patient’s entire body)  are generally late stage and are treated more for comfort then to kill the cancer itself.” When asked what it’s like working with cancer patients Ms. Liz said, “ Cancer is by far, in my opinion, the most emotional type of disease to treat. It does not discriminate among who it infects and how rapidly it grows.”

When cancer patients are diagnosed the first thing that comes to mind is   “Am I going to die” having cancer doesn’t meant that your going to die. Cancer might put boundaries on some people, but not all people feel this way. Take the girl named Alexa in the T.V. show “ Alexa and Katie” who is going through cancer while trying to go to school and have a normal life. If a family member says “I have cancer” that doesn’t mean their family has to start saying “good-bye” it just means that that member of the family has to have a lot of support and love.

When having a loved one who is in the hospital with a disease like cancer try and help them. Start a “Go Fund Me” page or do a toy or blanket drive to donate stuff to hospitals to make patients days a little brighter. This is why with cancer people need to “Stay Strong And Never Lose Hope.” Have a fundraiser and “never stop dreaming”, help kick cancer in the face, make it a thing in the past.


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