Science Teacher Mrs.Stanley

Mrs. Stanley discusses school and life

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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RMS Teacher, Mrs.Stanley

Teachers are role models and bring out the best in us, and Mrs.Stanley is an expert in making students become the happiest they’ve ever been. This amazing teacher has attended college at UNLV (4 years), CSN(2 years), NY (2 years) and in total has been in the CCSD community for 14 years.

One may wonder why she would become a teacher out of all possible careers, and during the interview she stated that she has always loved the creativity in children and the way their minds work is fascinating. Many of us have an idol  who has inspired us is a very emotional way, but for Mrs.Stanley this is not the case. She “admires people who have overcome challenges.” There are challenges in every major and a teaching hardship Mrs.Stanley faces is not being able to give every student the time they need, and having a time limit to every class makes this very difficult to pursue.

Close to the end of this interview I asked her “Do you see yourself teaching in 20 years?” and she said no because she “would like to be on the counseling side” which, for a moment, she has taken this into consideration before.

She is serious, but is a very fun person and fun facts about her include: her favorite hockey team is the Golden Nights, her favorite song is from the Broadway play ‘The Wicked’ called “For Good” sung by Kirsten and Idina, and her dream vacation is in Bora Bora because she loves the idea of waking up in a hut and being able to swim when she prefer.

All in all, Mrs.Stanley is a respected teacher who is adored by everyone for her dedication and honesty to the educators community.