Interview With 7th Grade Student, Caitlin Kirchner

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Katelynn M., Contributor

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Caitlin Elizabeth Kirchner is a 7th grade, all accelerated student at Sig Rogich Middle School. She currently plays the violin in orchestra and says she would also like to learn how to play the bass or cello.  After school, Caitlin enjoys spending time at the park, or playing video games such as Minecraft. She lives with her parents and little brother, Alex. “Accelerated classes aren’t all that different” Caitlin says, “It’s just at a faster pace and teachers expect more from us.” Overall, she seems to enjoy school, and history is her favorite subject to learn about.  

From her time at Sig Rogich, Caitlin thinks the school would benefit immensely from a study hour. “Students are doing a lot of work, I think with a study hour they will have more time to relax at home.” She continues, “School gives out too much work, we have multiple classes and pages upon pages of homework for each class, they then expect us to wake up early and not be tired the next day; it’s ridiculous.” Caitlin enjoys music and musicals, she especially loves the musical & movie “The Phantom of the Opera” and went as Erik last Halloween.

Despite her troubles, Caitlin remains both a sweet and hardworking addition to Sig Rogich Middle School. 

Photo Credit – Katelynn M.