Mrs. Alford’s Adventures

Our new history teacher, Mrs. Alford, tells us about her amazing journey in moving here to Las Vegas and why, along with surprising facts about herself.

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Mrs. Alford’s Adventures

Mikiela Basiga, Contributor

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This week I got to interview our new history teacher here at Sig Rogich Middle School, Mrs. Alford! She was born in Hollister, California and has been married for 30 years. She has been to 45 states and 15 countries! She has actually even ran 2 half-marathons and studied a lot about Vietnam in college.  Mrs. Alford is from California and chose to move here to Las Vegas because she wanted to be closer to her family. She has visited Vegas for many years and so herself and her husband started to think about moving here. Since she was a teacher at California, she wanted to be a teacher here too.

Mrs. Alford states, “Sig Rogich is the only school I wanted to work at.  It has a wonderful reputation and Mrs. Harrison-Rollins was principal of the year for Nevada in 2015!” Mrs. Alford says that she is very excited to be part of the Rogich team.

When she answered the question, “Why did you want to work at Rogich” she answered, “I only wanted to work at this school because of its reputation.” Mrs. Alford wanted to teach history because it is very fascinating. She says, “What I find truly interesting is the personal stories. It is amazing to me to think about the individuals who have made such an impact on the world.  Some of my favorite historical figures are Franklin Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, Alice Paul, and Jackie Robinson.” Mrs. Alford loves to teach history here at Rogich and many students adore her.

Mrs. Alford spends lots of time with family and friends everywhere. Out of school she loves to hike and travel all around the world. She has a vacation house at Bass Lake, California and spends a great amount of time there hiking and savors her time with family and friends outdoors. Her family and herself loves to attend concerts. She has been to over 500 concerts!

Mrs. Alford says that if she was not a teacher she would love to be a flight attendant or even a travel agent just like she was years ago. Although she doesn’t have any special talents, she takes interest in playing the piano. Mrs. Alford loves In-N-Out, diet coke and says her most favorite food ever is tacos. She does not have many dislikes but she responds to the question, “What are your dislikes?” by saying, “The only thing that I really hate is when people are being mean to others!” Mrs. Alford is a teacher who would always love to help students and has a great sense of humor!

Photo credit: Mikiela Basiga