Experience the Fairy Tale World Through Your TV

Fairy tale stories come to life in the television show "Once Upon a Time".

Avi Fairchild, Contributor

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The world of fairy tale is coming true with “Once Upon a Time”, an ABC Family produced drama series. It originally aired October 23, 2011 however it still runs on TV today. New seasons come out on Netflix as well as airing on TV. As of now, they are working on season 7 of the show which will finally end its magic. The show is about a young adopted boy named Henry who is set out to find his real mother.

  He believes his adoptive mother, Regina, is the Evil Queen who puts a spell over every fairy tale character. She sent them to a small town called Storybrooke, Maine, gave them new identities, and made them forget everything. Henry goes as far as New York just to find his birth mother, Emma.  She doesn’t believe the “lies” he tells to her and she decides the safest option is to take him home. Henry begs her to stay because he hates Regina. Emma decides to stay just to make Henry feel better, but strange things start to happen. Every night Henry stays up to read his fairy tale book that his teacher gave him. Mary Margaret, his teacher, is who Henry believes to be Snow White.

After the arrival of Emma, the characters have flashbacks from a life they don’t remember living. The longer her visit the more they remember. Everyone soon realizes they are trapped and Regina is the one to blame. Being in the real world, Regina has lost her powers and cannot defend herself. However, when Henry is not around she visits her secret bunker in the woods and gains back her power. She is undefeatable. She made this world, why not take it away just as easily. Snow White and Prince Charming (David) had a child but put her in a magical tree to save her life from the Evil Queen’s spell.

Where could their child be? Is their child with them in Storybrooke? Watch “Once Upon a Time” on Freeform (recently called ABC Family) to find out what happened to their child and what happens next.


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