Caitlyn Topey, a sports athlete

interview and information about Caitlyn Torpey.


Caitlyn Posing for the picture

Caitlyn Torpey. Who is she? Caitlyn Torpey is an 11 year old, 6th grader that is a sports athlete that plays for the Rogich Flag football team. She plays basically all positions and is an outstanding quarterback. “I am the quarterback for the team only because I think I make a better tribute to the team as a quarterback.”  As a team, they can work on a whole lot. Catching, communication etc… “But I think we would do better as a team if we could get our defense a bit stronger” In a single game, Caitlyn has had a lot of accomplishments Not only does she play for the flag football team, she also plays a lot of other sports too. She is amazingly athletic. Caitlyn may be short but she is a very tough women.

Caitlyn is very proud of herself especially when she throws an amazing game. Caitlyn and her team is very amazing at what they do but they all improve in someway after everyday.  “I know we try our hardest to get to all the practices and games, but much improvement is needed and made after our games. Caitlyn and Chloe (the other quarterback) does a lot to warm up before the game to make sure they throw their best. “Me and Chloe always throw, stretch and do basically everything together just so we can work on the same things that need to be worked on.” Overall, Caitlyn is a star player for the team. Without her, the team wouldn’t get as far as it did. She was a huge tribute to the team. 


Photo Credit – Gabriel Mendoza