Surprising Facts About Superheroes And Villains You Never Knew About

How much do you know about all these awsome facts about Superheroes and Villans?


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Kaylee Yakish, Contributor

  • Originally, Stan Lee wanted to make the Hulk grey, but due to issues with printing, they moved forward with the iconic green.
  • Harley Quinn’s origin story came after her TV debut in the Batman animated series. She is one of the only characters to first appear on the TV rather than in print.
  • While not explicitly stated in the comic books or any other source material, it has been hinted at for years that The Joker actually knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne. For example, The Joker has a habit of targeting anyone close to Batman as well as anyone close to Bruce. He’s even cut off Alfred’s (Bruce Wayne’s butler) hand once! Many fans speculate that The Joker sees Bruce Wayne as a mask for Batman (as opposed to the other way around), and would simply be bored to death if either persona were ever harmed.
  • The villain, Joker, was voiced by Luke Skywalker — for 20 years.
  • There are over 50 Iron Man suits, some designed to go to the depths of the oceans, others to take on the Avengers, with one having a backup of Tony Stark’s mind, allowing it to function in the event Tony Stark is rendered incapacitated. I normally borrow my suits from my older cousin.


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