Superhero’s Come to Rogich

Grades levels get their own Superhero and color

Elizabeth Christ, Contributor

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This year at Sig Rogich the students have been placed in houses. There are 3 houses, the 6th, 7th, and 8th. The houses at Rogich compete against each other for a trophy. Each house has a superhero and color.

The 6th grade house superhero is Flash from CW’s show “The Flash”, and the Flash is is DC. 6th grades color is red to represent the Flash’s color.

The 7th grade house superhero is Batman, and Batman is from DC’s superheros. 7th grades house color is Black for Batman.

The 8th grade house superhero is Spiderman, Spiderman is Marvel and DC since he appears in both. 8th grades color is Blue to represent one of Spider Man’s colors.

I interviewed Alexia Hood. She is an 8th grade student at school and she said that “I like the houses because I feel like it’s helping students participate in school activities and functions more often.” This is fantastic because this is what our principal wants. She wants us to be more active in school and have fun while learning.

Overall, Rogich is doing a great job with getting students to participate in more activities in school and this will help us in the future.


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