The First Person To Play Golf On The Moon

Alan Shepard, one of the first men on the moon.

Brooke Silon, Contributor

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Alan Shepard, a name not many have heard of, was actually one of the seven original astronauts on the moon; others include Scott Carpenter, John Glenn, Gordon Cooper, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, and Deke Slayton.  November is a special month because it is the month, Shepard was born.  His birthday is on the 18th of November. Unfortunately, he had passed away from Leukemia at the age of 74.

Alan Shepard ended up going back to school after World War II, to become a test pilot but he didn’t continue to become a test pilot because his dream was always to go to the moon. He ended up becoming a astronaut in April, 1959. Alan Shepard went into space on May 5, 1961.

He flew on a Mercury Spacecraft, the rocket could only fit one person and he named it Freedom Seven. Shepard did not orbit the Earth, but he did fly 116 miles high. He came back down after 15 minutes but he said it was a success.

Shepard’s wish was to go to the moon and it came true. Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell were selected to go on the Apollo Mission. They spend more than 33 hours on the moon. He and Ed Mitchell also played golf. A lot of Alan Shepard’s wishes came true. He had a lot of first’s like the first American in space, the 5th person to walk on the moon and last but not least, the first person to play golf on the moon. Alan Shepard did a lot of things in his life and is honored as a true American hero.


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