The Legend of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas legend explained.

Hannah Gutierrez, Contributor

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In history some might say St. Nicholas was a great guy. Well, he was and that’s why they call him Saint Nicholas. St. Nicholas lived during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian, where he was known for Christmas. When Nicholas was still young, his parents died. He earned an inheritance and used it to help the sick and poor. One legend of Nicholas involves three poor sisters who had no dowry. These three sisters could possibly be sold into slavery. One day the sisters woke up to three bags of gold. The gold allowed the girls to marry. Nicholas had tossed the bags of gold through their window at night. The legend also says they even landed in socks drying by the fireplace.

There are many legends of Nicholas, but you haven’t heard this one. The legend says when a ship full of wheat came to his town, he asked the sailors to give half their stash to feed the poor. He promised they’d still have the same amount in their stock. The sailors gave him half the stash, and it turned out they still had the same amount by the time they made port in Constantinople. In addition Nicholas was a caring and magical person in history.