Christmas on a Budget

Note: No ugly sweaters are featured on this list!


Christmas is almost here!

David Larsen, Contributor

          It’s finally December; the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the time of joy, winter break, and best of all, presents! Presents are pretty great, and giving presents to others is also something that most of us look forward to. But it can also get really expensive, so if you’re looking for some cheap gift ideas that family and friends will love, here are some ideas.  


Mini Cotton Candy Maker

          Cotton candy is really good, but something that’s better than cotton candy is making it yourself! This may seem expensive, but if you desire a small, miniature one, they typically range anywhere from $15-$20 dollars, which isn’t too bad. You can buy one online like on Amazon or Ebay, or pick one up yourself at Target or Walmart. So, if you’re anticipating for something sweet and inexpensive, this is not a bad idea!



Ninja Star Coat Hangers

         If your wanting to hang up your coats in style, take a look at these ninja coat hangers. All you have to do is secure them to the wall, and then hang your coat on them. When your coat is not hanging on them, they look like ninja stars stuck in the wall. And the price? Only $11! If you want to make any room look a little bit cooler, this is the way to go.



The Snuggie

         Have you ever gotten out of bed, but as soon you take off the sheets, you feel cold and want to put them back on? However, with the Snuggie, you don’t have to worry about this ever again. It’s also practical if you’re wearing a blanket, but aren’t able to pick up anything, since the Snuggie is essentially just a blanket with arm holes. The price is only $14.99, but can go for cheaper too, so get one quick!



Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

         Everybody’s heard of Bob Ross and loves mugs, so why not combine the two into one stunning Bob Ross mug? But this is no ordinary mug. When you pour a hot beverage into it, some “happy little trees” will appear before your eyes, and when you pour a cold beverage into it, they go away. This may seem like a lot, but it only costs about $14. So, don’t make any “happy accidents”, and buy your heat changing Bob Ross mug today!



         It may not be the traditional kind of gift, but it’s the best kind of gift anyone can have. There’s no need to buy a bunch of presents just to show you care about someone, you can do it yourself by loving them back. And it’s completely FREE! You can afford that, can’t you? So this holiday season, make sure to keep the Christmas spirit alive and be caring about everyone. You can also be caring by reading our stories on Rider Review every month, which is also FREE! So help us out and make sure to have a great winter break and a great holiday! See you next year, Rough Riders!



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