Learn about NJHS and how you can join.


Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

     Do you like helping around schools, helping people in need or even just helping out the environment? Well then NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) is the right club for you to join and participate in. Every year, our teachers hand out letters saying they want you to be apart of this association. If you fill out all of the sheets and recommendations letters from two people you have a chance of being accepted into NJHS.

     What do you do in NJHS exactly? Well, when you are accepted into NJHS, you are expected to do good deeds (services) for other people, our school, other schools, and the environment. Some of the events you can help at are at elementary school events like fundraisers and gatherings. You can also donate and create fun posters for our school. You don’t only have to volunteer for school events, you can go out on your own and help.

     Jaeden Contardo is a 7th grade student here at Sig Rogich Middle School that just joined NJHS this year. Everyone has a different reason for joining this club and Jaeden’s reason is, “I like helping people”. She likes it when people smile and are happy because of the small act of kindness that she showed to these people. Her favorite activity that she participated in was,” when I got to pack groceries for the homeless”. When she was packing the food, she felt happy knowing that she was doing good for people in need. If you are still not sure about joining this club then take it from Jaeden. She said,”I am glad I joined because it makes me feel good, and the activities are fun”.

 Photo credit: Anna Rampoldi

     In my opinion, NJHS is a great club that will make you and others smile with joy and become a responsible person. You should join because it gives you a good feeling of self-dignity and gives others the feeling of care. Therefore, NJHS is a great club that students at Sig Rogich should join to help others.


Photo credit: pexels.com