RMS Student, Andrew Liu

Andrew Liu is a hardworking student who loves school but he also knows how to have fun. He has interesting facts to share.

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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          Andrew Liu is a student at Rogich Middle School, who is persistent and kind. To begin with the interview, His favorite artist is “Unlike Pluto” because his music inspires him to do great things in life. Andrew is very serious about academics and when I asked him “academics or sports first” and he said, “academics”. He also told me about how he wants to build an artificial intelligence but has not found the courage to yet,  and he would like to learn more about history. He is also thinking about pursuing the career as a doctor. Although he is determined in school, he likes to play basketball. Further on, I asked him if he enjoyed Rogich and he said “Yes, because I can do fun school stuff.” He is also always on time for class. One thing he is looking forward to when he is older is “…being able to drive.”

The most interesting place he has ever been to is Taiwan, Asia, but he would like to visit Canada. Later on, I asked him what the perfect adventure was to him and he described “Exploring places I’ve never been.” Lastly, I asked him if he is “morning or nocturnal” and he replied by saying “…nocturnal” and if he could do anything rather than sleeping, he would just sleep anyways.

Andrew has a great focus on academics and knows how to balance his fun, lazy life with his hard working personality.


Photo credit: Dulce Sanders