New Year’s Resolutions

Mira and Bryan's New Year's Resolution

Hannah Gutierrez, Contributor

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           It’s a new year with plenty of opportunities. What will your New Year’s resolution be? I interviewed Mira Rohlik and Bryan Corona to find out their New Year’s resolution. Here’s what these two students had to say.


          Mira Rohlik is a 8th grader and I asked Mira what her New Year’s resolution was and she has made a great goal. Last year, since she didn’t put all her effort in school she has decided to take the opportunity to start the new year off with trying her best in school work. Mira wants to get into a good school, so a good education would help her out. Mira says her New Year’s resolution is “To get good grades, a good education, so I can get into a good school.” Mira has taken advantage of the new year by having a New Year’s resolution.


           Bryan Corona is also an 8th grader and I asked Bryan what his New Year’s resolution was and he was excited for a trip this year at our school. He wants to use the new year to get a perfect attendance as well. Bryan has missed some days last year, so why not take the new year to fix that? He has set a goal to go on the Disneyland trip this year. The Disneyland trip is something to look forward to this year. That would be a good recommended New Year’s resolution. Bryan said his New Year’s resolution was to “Go to the Disneyland trip and get perfect attendance.” 2019 is a year with many things to look forward to, and Mira Rohlik and Bryan Corona have set great resolutions.