Fun holidays in January to celebrate

Each day brings a new holiday to celebrate

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Fun holidays in January to celebrate

Corey McGoffin, Contributor

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Days in January

Each of these days are a holiday so celebrate them once in a while

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. National Science Fiction Day
  3. JRR Tolkien Day
  4. National Trivia Day
  5. National Bird Day
  6. National Cuddle Up Day
  7. National Bobblehead Day
  8. Elvis Presley’s Birthday
  9. National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
  10. National Houseplant Appreciation Day
  11. National Girl Hug Boy Day
  12. Kiss a Red-head Day
  13. National Gluten-Free Day
  14. National Dress Up Your Pet Day
  15. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  16. National Fig Newton Day
  17. Kid Inventors’ Day
  18. National Winnie the Pooh Day
  19. National Popcorn Day
  20. National Penguin Day
  21. Museum Selfie Day
  22. Celebration of Life Day
  23. World Spay Day
  24. National Compliment Day
  25. National Opposite Day
  26. National Spouses Day
  27. International Holocaust Remembrance Day
  28. National Lego Day
  29. National Puzzle Day
  30. National Croissant Day
  31. National Hot Chocolate Day

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