Changing Your Ways For The New Semester

It's time to change your ways during the new semester!

Destiney Delcid, Contributor

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Starting a new semester is just like grabbing a clean plate. The second semester gives us a chance to change our grades, attitude, and effort. After being in school for many years, it does get boring, but it doesn’t mean we have to just stop trying. Instead, try harder, and doing better always makes you feel better.

Grades are the main thing that tends to drop in the second semester because people tend to slack off. Due to many students having classes with their friends, they can’t focus on what they are actually supposed to be doing. Friends are most of the time students favorite thing about school, but they’re the ones that distract you. Distractions are the reason grades start to drop, not only that, after one semester students don’t care anymore. A tip for the new semester is to get rid of the distractions. This doesn’t meant to get rid of your friends, it means to just stay focused and don’t get sidetracked.

Then, there’s the attitude that people have towards school. Many people, when they hear the word “school,” they say “ugh,” but that is not the attitude to have. If anybody’s attitude towards school is negative, it needs to be changed. Not only your attitude about school should change, but also the attitude you have towards your teachers. No teacher wants to hear you talk back to them or complain about the amount of work given. Especially because most of the time if everybody was  paying attention we’d all understand what to do, and there would be no questions. Starting the new semester gives you the opportunity to change so take it.

Lastly, there is the amount of effort put into homework, test, and school in general. Effort is something that is needed in and out of school. This topic ties into grades and your attitude because if no effort is out in, nothing will be earned. Overall, the point of this story is to encourage you to put more effort into your work and to change your attitude in and out of school.


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