Recycling Club

Learn how the recycling club is helping the Earth every week.


Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

Everyday the world is overwhelmed with more and more trash that is harming animals, the ocean, and the environment. Help Sig Rogich Middle School and the rest of the world by joining the recycling club after school on Thursdays! After school, you will head to Mrs. Meracz and Mr. Peck’s room to grab a bin and start recycling. You will go door to door, picking up each teacher’s recycling and dumping it in the bin. It only takes a few minutes but really helps the environment.

How does recycling help the environment? Everyday when we throw away something in the trash we are filling up the landfills. Recycling helps reduces the amount of trash that we put in the landfills. Recycling also helps conserve energy. We are able to also reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted into our atmosphere. When these greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere it starts to eat the protective layer away.

Recycling club is full of students that want to help our school and the environment. I asked Julia Contardi (6th), Hannah Contardi (8th), and Sarah Chaffin (8th) why they joined recycling club. Hannah stated,”I really want to help the environment and when I did this at my old school I really enjoyed”. Julia said,”My sister got into this club and one day I tagged along. I really enjoyed it and have come ever since”. These girls really enjoy the club because it inspires them to help around the campus by cleaning up. Sarah said she really liked this club because,”I like to help out around school with my friends while I am also helping the environment”. If you are thinking about joining this club these girls really enjoy it and you will too.

This club will open up your mind to the world and we can help by joining. The environment is something that must be taken care of and if we don’t it will just get worse and worse in the future. Therefore, by joining recycling club you can help the Earth and meet a friend or two in the process.