Valentine’s Dance

The first dance for all grades at Rogich.

Hannah Gutierrez, Contributor

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          Valentine’s Day is a day to show you love your family and friends. This year at Sig Rogich Middle School there will be Valentine’s grams to send to other students. On Friday, February 15, there will be a school dance for all grades. The student council put together this dance to make a fun event for Valentine’s day. On February 15th get friends together and put on your dancing shoes. In order to have this dance we must sell out at least 150 tickets. The tickets are pre-buy and sold for $5. The dance will be attended in the gym at 5pm to 7pm. The dance is semi-formal, so be free to wear the outfit you wore from the dress up day. Ms.Thomas will also be one of the chaperones.


           This dance will be an exciting event for the students, but they will still have to follow our school rules. The dress code must be followed and the dance isn’t formal, so no need to put on fancy clothes.The students should not bring food. There will be snacks and music for the students who attend the dance. The student council wishes the students an amazing time at the Valentine’s dance.