3 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Three easy, fun, and affordable crafts to make your S/O for Valentine's Day!

Gianna Vara, Contributor

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and it is so exciting because it the one day out of the whole year you can celebrate your love for the ones you hold close to your heart. A great idea for a valentine is a DIY, this way you can show your S/O (significant other) or friend how much they mean to you and how it is the thought that counts. You can make your gift with love from your heart instead of buying some teddy bear from CVS. So now I can show you 3 great DIY valentine ideas.

Jar Of Assorted Treats

Things you will need…

  1. Glass Jar
  2. Pink or Red colored candy of any sort
  3. Ribbon
  4. Labels

This one is extra fun, because you really get to make it unique and your own. So what you do is fill up your glass jar with assorted candies that are red or pink colored (Optional colors for added touch) Then seal the jar and tie it with ribbon or a bow at the top (recommended pink or red ribbon) Lastly but a label on the jar and write anything you want on it. Ex.) love quote, poem, etc.)

Valentine’s day themed salts

Things you will need…

  1. Epsom salts or Himalayan
  2. Glass jar or container
  3. Ribbon
  4. Essential oils (scents are optional)
  5. Coloring (optional recommended red or pink)
  6. Mixing bowl and stir. This is a great idea because bath salts are such a wonderful idea and everyone loves bath accessories to be able to properly relax. To make the salts you need to mix the oils and salts and coloring. Put the mix in a jar, put a ribbon on the jar (preferably red and pink) then you are done.Roses

    This is such a beautiful gift that will mean so much to your S/O. The special meaning of the roses is that you will give one rose to your S/O for each day you have known and loved them, it is simple, affordable, and so clever also you can even make a card to go with it if you would like.

    That is it for my 3 DIY Valentine gifts. I hope they helped you and you can make one of these great gifts for your loved one.